NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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LAST MINUTE Mother's Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide
We’re not saying you forgot about your mom. We’re just saying that a holiday near the beginning of the month has a way of creeping up on you, and we’re here to help — STAT. We’ve rounded up a few of the most indulgent, necessary, luxurious, and ritualistic products to make Mother Dearest feel pampered, valued, and loved like the queen she is.

Osea Salts of The Earth Body Scrub

Not only is this natural product super effective in smoothing rough, dry skin, but it also tells your mom that she deserves some uninterrupted time in the bath to luxuriate. Gentle yet vigorous, using circular motions with this scrub from tip to toe will leave her soft, gleaming, and grateful.

Rosebud Woman Honor Everyday Balm

Your mom birthed you. If that isn’t deserving of some self-care down under, I don’t know what is. This gift may be best given from a female friend or daughter, because nothing says feminine TLC more than a product meant for the holy place from whence we came. Encourage bathing the nether regions with this tender, moisturizing balm to nurture the natural flora. Which brings us to…

Moon Juice Yoni Oil

This adaptogenic oil blend is ultra-nurturing for those of all ages, but women going through menopause may benefit from it even more than most! As the area tends to become dry and chapped, the delicate skin becomes, well, no walk in the park. This oil alone makes a great gift, but is also a great pairing with the aforementioned balm for a soothing duo to indulge in the female splendor — treating the yoni to layers of supple moisture, and locking it in gently.

Parachute Cotton Cloud Robe

If a plush, quality, spa-like robe doesn’t suggest that the powerhouse lady in your life deserves to take a load off, we’re not sure what will. This is the gift that keeps on giving, as this thick and luxe cotton robe spans seasons — and will last years.

Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Hydrating Eye Mask Pack

Help her plump and brighten her weary, selfless eyes with this super luxe eye mask set. It’s soothing, cooling, hydrating, and fine-line fighting, all under the guise of more chill-time for your mom.

The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder

Let’s all agree that there is nothing a mother needs more than a night of quality, restorative beauty rest. This nighttime take on a golden latte promotes deep relaxation with lemon balm, passion flower, and sour cherry — plus, a gorgeous load of skin-loving probiotics, so that your mom can drift off to dreamland without dwelling on any of your BS. Just kidding. (Kind of.)

At-Home Oxygen Facial

Few things can compete with the post-oxygen facial glow-up. Let your mom DIY with this deluxe device that mists the skin with pure, oxygenated serum for that lit-from-within, ultra-energized radiance that will top off her natural beauty and make her feel like the ruler of the roost. After all, we all know she’s the boss anyway.

Silk Slip Pillowcase

While your mom is drifting off into a world of pleasant dreams and time for herself without the many responsibilities and demands of the day, she can rest her pretty head on this luxe silk pillowcase. Silk has a number of benefits for the skin and hair — especially while we sleep. The luxe fabric promotes shiny, protected locks and clear, un-creased skin. Consider it the royal treatment for her bedding.

Bala Bangles

What’s more motivating to getting in a well-deserved workout than super cute workout gear? These low-weight bala bangles are super chic, and lightly weighted to help sculpt lean lines. They’re a little fancier than something she might choose for herself in this realm, which is what makes them the perfect gift.

LightStim LED Device

Who has time to lay down under a LED treatment shield for 20+ minutes a day? Not us, and definitely not our moms. This handheld device makes it easy for her to get a spa-like skincare LED treatment while she’s enjoying her nightly read, chatting on the phone, or catching up on her TV shows — so she can glow on the go.