NEW ARTICLE! How to Build a Booty
NEW ARTICLE! How to Build a Booty

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STAY Beautifully

Jenan Alsehali is a tenured medical practitioner devoted to intentional, holistic healing. She is also a committed student of life. She created Âmé to further her connection to beauty, which she felt as a reckoning—a deeper voyage into the earthly and energetic self, refusing to see those realms as mutually exclusive. Âmé is an axis for those like her to convene and stretch outward; a shared place of wonder, beauty, and discovery.

Inside the world of Âmé, we’re explorers. To us, nothing is completely conquered or understood in a way that can’t be looked at under another light, an earth-focused lens, or a spiritual approach. We created this digital lacuna as a place to touch down and connect on deep rooted practices, unearthly phenomena, and all things wellness for our insides and out.

“We are self-aware, understanding some of the high-vibrational philosophies that make our lifestyle brand so exciting and connective aren’t always rooted in the scientific method, and that’s ok.”

We want to invite you to partake in this exploration, pocketing what you need, and drifting by what doesn’t serve you. We keep the dialogue open-ended, because while we are all living in the same universe, we are experiencing it differently. That’s what makes life beautiful.

We perceive this investigative journey without a means to an end. This does not make us aimless, but hungry. It makes beauty, our bodies, what we put on them and in them, the cosmos, and all the corners of our minds and beyond an exciting story that we never have to part with. It keeps us beautifully curious.

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