NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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JEN'S FAVORITE Spring Style Trends

Jen’s Favorite Spring Style Trends
Ah, spring. The weather is warmer, the world is (kind of) opening back up — and there’s absolutely nothing in our closets except loungewear. Okay, fine. So we mighhht have something. But If you’re like us (and please be like us, so we know we’re not alone), you’re slightly panicked at the thought of putting together outfits post-quarantine. Is it possible that our brains can only put together matching sweatsuits now? Or is it just that we’ve all become deeply lazy and aren’t prepared to go outside of our soft clothes comfort zone, not to mention try to figure out what’s on trend? We don’t know the answer, but we doknow that if you’re looking for fashion advice after a year of quarantine sweats, Jen’s take is the shining light you’ve been looking for. Not only is our founder and Queen smart — she also happens to be exceptionally stylish, and simultaneously generous in her recommendations. Something we’re grateful for in times like these.
These pieces are as close to soft clothes as we can get, while still staying perfectly on-trend — and making us look like we never wore the same sweatshirt two days in a row during a pandemic.

The Wrap Jacket

If you’re the kind of person who can’t stand wearing a jacket and would rather use your arms for warmth even if you were on the deck of the Titanic, Jen recommends wrap jackets. They’re sleek, instantly pull you together, and look nothing like a jacket. Perfection, right? Plus, they’re versatile (read: throw over anything!), and are a no-brainer when it comes to the springtime transition. Jen likes to wear one like this indoors as a light sweater or with a neutral-colored pant to go full-on monochrome with basically no effort whatsoever. Try it, and you’ll practically turn into a jacket-loving person.

An Unexpected Blazer

Before we go any further, we need to tell you that this conversation includes cutouts. Yes, Jen is a fan of cutouts that promise to give you a hint of sexy without having to put on Skims and a slinky dress. Bless. The cutout blazer goes above and beyond your regular blazer — in fact, it’s a whole lewk due to the juxtaposition of the simple silhouette paired with structured, sex-kitten cutouts that give it extra interest and make a statement. Wearing this one will give you main character syndrome, a la Carrie Bradshaw — and to be honest, you shouldn’t apologize for it. Or splurge, and pair this one that Jen loves with matching bottoms for a power move or unexpected date night look.

A Classic Combo

A white tee and jeans is a classic outfit for a reason — it just works. We don’t know if it’s the easygoing feel, the comfort, or the undeniable meet-cute potential when it comes to this trend — but safe to say, it’s on Jen’s list for the foreseeable future of all forthcoming springs. And listen — since we’re going for comfort and ease here, we don’t even have the patience or the time to tuck a tee into our jeans, so we’re only wearing this body suit. It’s super soft, hugs your curves, lets your back do all the talking, and somehow still feels like we’re in our quarantine clothes. Plus, it goes with ev-er-y-thing in your closet. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans, and wow, oh-my-god, you’re just too cute. Want to make it sexier? Jen begs you to go with this plunging suit that’s equal parts “Oh, this old thing?” and “Comfort is my M.O.”

A Graphic Sweatshirt

The thing about the springtime is that you never know what the weather holds. You know — April showers, May flowers, and blah blah blah. So what’s a person to do? Jen’s got the answer (that’s why we love having her around). She recommends a cool graphic sweatshirt to help you layer. But not just any graphic sweatshirt — she loves one that also reminds us and the world that we’re actual living, breathing, walking angel goddesses of self-love. For that reason, this one from Anine Bing is particularly welcome in our closets. Pair it over a flowing skirt for an unexpected vibe, or throw on with leather joggers and sneakers for an instantly put-together street look.

So if you have a closet full of soft clothes and don’t want to just have a closet full of soft clothes anymore this spring, this is the only list you need to achieve that. The best part? Thanks to Jen, you’ll be on trend — and right on time. Cue that main character syndrome — complete with your own personal theme song.