NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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10 THINGS TO Wear Every Week Under $100

10 Things to Wear Every Week Under $100

If you’re anything like us, a quick little shopping trip or window shopping session can turn into a full-on shopping spree — leaving our bank accounts giving us the side eye and our hearts swimming in buyer’s remorse. Oops. But believe it or not, you can shop in a way that keeps your wallet and financial advisor happy. And your clothes don’t have to be expensive for them to be worth it adding to your closet.

To prove it to you (and to ourselves), we’ve rounded up 10 chic, fashion forward, “I-look-like-I’m-an-off-duty-model” pieces you can wear every week — all for under $100.

They’re actually so good that we’re considering throwing out everything else in our closet. That’s because these mostly neutral pieces can be mixed, matched, and re-worn every week in different combinations. And because they’re quality, they look more expensive than they really are — bless.

Silk Slip Dress

Slip dress

Ah, the slip dress. It’s the wardrobe essential that makes us love the rest of our closet — because it goes with anything and everything. Not only that, this little number is one of our favorites because it’s so comfortable — akin to wearing a socially acceptable, stylish, and soft bag on our body that happens to be extremely flattering and is crafted in silk. Make that washable silk. Washable. And if you’re rolling your eyes at a seemingly basic dress, just know that this slip dress is a wardrobe workhorse, and can take you through all seasons by adding a sweater, tights, or a jacket.

The Organic Cotton Cropped Tee

White tee

We’ll admit it: We’ve been searching for the perfect tee our entire lives. And we think this one might be the most flattering of all time. And no, we didn’t need to shell out tons of money for it. It’s roomy, hits the arm at a flattering length without suffocating or creating sausage arms, and is cropped but not too cropped — so we can wear around our parents without feeling weird. Plus, it’s a little bit of a boxy cut, made of high-quality organic cotton, and incredibly crisp — making you feel totally put together at a moment’s notice.

Scoop-Neck Thong Bodysuit


The bodysuit is like a hug for your body, but it is legitimately hard to find a good one. We love this one because it fits all the qualifications of a good bodysuit: stretchy (because it’s not fun having your nether regions strangled by a snap), supremely soft, and easily layered. Pair with an oversized button down shirt or a 90s vibe jean, and then strut — because no one will know this one is under $100.

Gathered-sleeve Blazer


Fashion is having a blazer moment and it’s happening right now. While there are tons of them out there, finding an affordable blazer that doesn’t look cheap is tricky. But this one fits the bill. The silhouette is sleek, and the gathered arms give you a casual-but-cool look. Plus, it’s lined and goes with everything, which can help you transition through all seasons.

Slit Sweater Skirt

Slit sweater skirt

We love a good basic for everyday wear, and this one is it — especially if skirts aren’t your normal go-to. It’s super soft and stretchy which makes it easy to pull-on, but hugs your body so you don’t feel like you pulled a sleeping bag on the bottom half of your body. The slit is sexy — and also practical, because you can actually move. Throw this one on with a graphic tee or sweatshirt (or the white crop tee we mentioned earlier!) and call it a day.

Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker


You can never ever go wrong with a classic white sneaker. Ever. Unless maybe you’re at a wedding, but even then we have our doubts. Really, they’re the style gift that keeps giving. And there’s nothing more classic than high-top Converse to make that statement even more true. These go with everything on this list and beyond, and you really can wear them every single day (even to the gym, if you’re weight lifting!).

Seam Detail Joggers


Sometimes pants are hard. Meaning you don’t want to put them on, because you don’t want to do the day. But joggers change that. They feel like the antithesis of pants — non-restricting, completely comfortable, and yet somehow can still bring an outfit together, even if you’re just running to the bodega. Throw a jacket on top, rotate graphic tees or a streamlined crop, and you can wear this every week — if not every day.

Vegan Leather Jacket
Kancan Patricia

Leather jacket

Nothing says “I didn’t try” like a leather jacket. Also, nothing goes better with everything in your closet — trust us. But we love this jacket because it’s not your average biker style leather jacket. This one is effortless with clean lines, and is designed more like a structured, cool oversized shirt than a jacket. Did we mention it’s vegan and under $100? That’s a win if we ever wore one.

Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


Listen, if we’re going to be wearing clothes for 12-16 hours, they must agree with our bodies and make us feel nothing but pure bliss. This sweater does that because it’s cashmere, and gently enfolds us in layers of cozy and comfy. And the cost? $50. Let us repeat that. It is under $100. Which would make you think it’s not up to par, but it, in fact, is. And not only that, it comes in 14 colors. Wear it over your slip dress, tuck it into jeans — hell, wear it sans pants around the house. Because it’s that amazing.

501 Straight


You cannot be a human in 2021 and not have ever worn jeans. But you can be a human in 2021 and have tried on every pair under the sun looking for the perfect flattering-but-comfortable fit. We get it. We’re fans of these Levi’s because they give us room to play and room to slay. And they don’t swallow us whole, but are still on trend. What’s not to love? The answer is absolutely everything.