NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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FEMALE Erogenous Zones 101

Female Erogenous Zones 101

Thanks to that one Friends episode, we now know that women have many, many erogenous zones. Unfortunately, that Friends episode was more than cryptic for the sake of television in the 90s, directing us only to our imaginations when it comes to finding out what some of those areas just might be.

Erogenous means an area of the body that is sexually stimulated when touched just so. When we try to conjure our feminine pleasure centers, many of us go straight to the classics: tits and ass. Okay, so we’ve got our breasts, nipples (of course), hips, and the glorious clitoris. But what about less obvious areas that are also considered women’s erogenous zones?

Many areas nowhere near our sexual organs can send shivers down our spine and have us arching our backs for more — if only we knew where they were, and could direct our partners to hit them. It should be noted that all human bodies are different, so we won’t cover the hundreds of possible female erogenous zones in this snippet. We will, however, tease out a few unexpected (and maybe a few expected, albeit nuanced) go-to favorites for your next steamy session.


Yep, you read that right. While we aren’t expecting your partner to straight-up lick your armpit (unless they want to … that’s kind of hot), some light touches in and around the area can be a huge turn on, as it’s one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The skin around this area is extra soft and tender, and it’s loaded with nerve endings. That’s why some people are extra ticklish here.

Being tickled can be flirty, but for many, it’s actually really unpleasant — so that’s not the sensation we’re going for here. Instead, we urge you or a partner to lightly brush the skin of the inner upper arms towards the armpit, just lightly grazing the area. Goosebumps are not an uncommon reaction. Just where will our lover brush next?

Palms and fingertips

We use our hands so much that we forget they are, by their very nature, a sexual organ. We use them to touch our partners, and ourselves. We use them as sexual instruments and tools, and when someone gives our hands a break from doing and lets them simply be the subject of such pleasure, the result is both loving and tantric.

Start by massaging the meaty part of your partner’s palm, right in the center, or the fleshy part below the thumb. Move on to the tips of the fingers, where we harbor loads of nerve endings, and lightly massage circular motions with your own fingertips. If you feel so inclined, suck on the fingers for a tender hint of what’s to come. Not just men like this — try it on the ladies, or have your partner do it to you!

Hips and side waist

While this piece is directed towards female bodies, men-identifying individuals like this as well. Hands are great, but using the mouth is even better. Have your partner kiss you from the neck or chest down your body. Instead of focusing on the center of the body, move towards the sides. The side of the ribs and tiniest part of the waist are super sensitive, so light sucking, kisses, and even soft nibbles or bites can create pulsating surges of pleasure. It’s a little ticklish, but in the right ways.


While a wet-willy feels like an annoying stunt that a bully or sibling would play, a tongue-in-ear after some build-up can be quite explosive for anyone. Start by doing this, or having your partner do this. Nibble or suck on the earlobe, an adorable yet unexpected erogenous zone. From the top down, use your tongue gently while kissing and breathing softly. Slowly work the tongue in circular motions until the tip of the tongue grazes the center of the ear, just teasing the canal. You’ll see.


Of course, we want to make sure our feet are clean before playtime if we’re expecting our partner to nibble, suck, or massage our toes. They are sensitive, and the sensation can be both loving and intimate. It can reinforce connectedness and romantic alignment, as well as titillate your sex drive.

Inner thighs

Why is it that some partners try to dive in right for the gold? Female-identifying bodies tend to need a bit more warming up before we can experience true pleasure, and even the blessed, giving act of cunnilingus is no exception. Try having your partner kiss or nibble the inner thighs first, just to rev the engine.


Ok, so this area isn’t so unexpected — but it is much less-discussed. The A-spot doesn’t get the same spotlight as the G-spot, and we get it — it’s less of a party trick than the elusive female ejaculation that is only accessible through very nuanced G-spot stimulation at the right time, on the right person, in the right mood. The A-spot is the area at the bottom of the vaginal opening, opposite the clitoris and deep within. Some very light touching at the entrance there before or during cunnilingus can expedite climax in a tantalizing way. Excuse us while we jump in a cold shower.