NEW ARTICLE! Hacking Your Dreams Just Might Get You the Life You Always Wanted
NEW ARTICLE! Hacking Your Dreams Just Might Get You the Life You Always Wanted

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TOOLS TO TURN Your Beauty Routine Into a Ritual

Tools to Turn Your Beauty Routine Into a Ritual
Don’t just go through the motions every time

It’s easy to mindlessly rush through your daily skincare in an effort to get it over with and get on with your day or off to bed. You’re throwing on your serum and moisturizer, and you even remembered SPF this morning! That’ll do, right?

At Âmé, we like to think of caring for our skin like tending to a garden. You wouldn’t just haphazardly throw on some fertilizer and water things the bare minimum and expect it to thrive in perfect harmony, would you? We feel that when we take time out for our skincare and make it a ritual, we are also feeding our soul, and a fulfilled soul will reveal itself on your face. Love and intention are what cultivate lit-from-within beauty and balance.

"Better lymphatic flow also has a positive effect on immunity"

To create ritual, light a candle, some palo santo, or some incense before you even begin cleansing. Float your palo santo or incense around your space and your body, giving yourself a sense of calm and breaking into your own energy field, or aura.

Play some soft music or healing frequencies to calm the chatter in your mind that is always causing you to think about what you need to do next. Just be present with yourself so that you can take all the time you need. Put a speaker in your bathroom that is just for bathing and skincare rituals, so that it’s always there when you need it.

Massage and stimulation are amazing for our complexion. They boost circulation, which brings nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the dermis, providing not only immediate glow but also long-term effects if done on a regular basis. Those long term effects can include improved muscle tone which prevents and reverses wrinkles and sagging, as well as a brighter pallor, a natural flush, and reduced puffiness from the aided lymphatic drainage. Of course, better lymphatic flow also has a positive effect on immunity.

While it might not be practical to absolutely drop everything to worship your face for 30 minutes a day, twice a day, there are some great tools out there that will add a little more ritual to your routine a few times a week. Here are some of our favorites.

Crystal Contour Gua Sha Blue Sodalite
Price: $48

A gua sha tool is a beautiful, cool-to-the-tough, hand-held stone scraper that glides along the surface of your skin to improve circulation and lymph drainage. It originates in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so while it is experiencing a modern rise to fame, it is time-tested. It’s incredible for depuffing, but many tout it’s long-term benefits for reducing and preventing signs of aging. Use it lightly for depuffing, or apply deeper pressure for tension release. It also helps to press in your luxe facial oils for deeper, nourishing penetration.

Kansa Wand
Brand: Shop LC
Price: $19.02

An ancient Ayurvedic tool, the kansa wand is a simple but powerful vice. It works well to reduce tension that can cause creases and skin upset, like dryness or breakouts. It’s deeply relaxing, and the brass surface is thought to work as an energetic conductor, working with our subtle electrical fields to promote relaxation and detoxification.

Jade roller
Brand: Skin Gym
Price: $43.50

While this tool has become popular for many reasons, we love it for skin prep. It’s amazing for soothing puffy eyes in the morning, especially if you’ve enjoyed one too many drinks or an indulgent, salty meal the evening before, and works even better if you can remember to refrigerate it. But we tend to use it prior to our skincare, to uplevel our circulation and oxygen at the skin’s surface level so that it soaks up our favorite products even better. It’s also amazing to roll over sheet masks to press in their juicy nutrients.

Facial Cups
Brand: Skin Gym
Price: $28

Similarly to gua sha and rollers, these bring blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface, though not by pressing, by pulling instead. They are not the intense glass cups used on the back in a therapeutic massage or acupuncture treatment, so they aren’t going to leave deep red marks on your face. They are soft, silicon, conic tools with gentle suction that glide over our skin, prepped with a soothing, rich conductor like your favorite oil. Smaller cups are used around the eye area for gentle suction so as to not tug at the delicate skin there. If you do this at night, you can expect glowing, bright results in the morning.