NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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ARE FACIAL MISTS WORTH THE HYPE? Get the Most Out of Them With These Tips

Are Facial Mists Worth the Hype? Get the Most Out of Them With These Tips.

Ahh, a light spritz of botanically-scented essence, raining down on your face as if from the heavens above. It smells sweet, it feels luxe, but are they necessary? Are they even doing anything? If you’ve asked yourself these questions in a moment’s hesitation before indulging in an expensive product, you’re not alone in your uncertainty.

The short answer to the does-it-do-anything question is yes. But it’s not always good. There is a right and wrong way to use this simple product and get the most out of it without causing the opposite effect.

The first note is to look for products that contain simple or hydrating ingredients. Botanical ingredients are a win, hyaluronic acid is a win, vitamin E, aloe, and nutrient oils are always wins. But steer clear of superfluous alcohols or witch hazel, which tend to be more drying than not.

"Mist them directly on your skin to rebalance your pH after the drying effects of tap water"

The second note, and this is important, is to consider your climate or immediate surroundings. It’s tempting to use a mist on an airplane so that you can feel like you’re “doing the most” to land beautiful and hydrated. However, because airplanes are so drying, the mist evaporates the moment it touches your skin, taking some of your precious, existing hydration with it.

To get the best out of your facial mists, use them as a toner after cleansing by spraying them on a reusable cotton round and wiping your skin, or, mist them directly on your skin to rebalance your pH after the drying effects of tap water. For the latter, once you’ve misted and while your face is still dewy, apply a botanical or hydrating serum to seal in that hydration before applying moisturizer and/or face oil. Here are some of our favorite mists.

Hydrating Accelerator
Brand: Josh Rosebrook
Price: $35

Antioxidant rich and full of potent adaptogens and herbs, this liquid elixir is no ordinary mist, but a nutrient treatment. We don’t recommend wiping this one away on a cotton round, but rather let the marshmallow-scented essence soak in and work its magic. Reflect and protect with dandelion and elderberry, just to name a few, while sea buckthorn soaks in deep.

Jasmie Tonique
Brand: Ranavat Botanics
Price: $45

The jasmine equivalent of rosewater, and a hundred times more sultry. The heady, sexy scent of jasmine hits you like full blooms in spring after the rain. It’s refreshing yet intoxicating, and a true blue floral hydrosol, steam distilled from the flower itself. It’s as pure and simple as they come, which makes the scent even more awe-inspiring. Thank you Mother Nature.

Sea Minerals Mist
Brand: Osea Malibu
Price: $38

Refreshing, hydrating, and stimulating, this mist is fantastic for all skin types, but stands out for oily, acne prone, and youthful skin. Aloe soothes redness while algae stimulates new cell growth, making it anti-aging as well. You can use it as a toner, but we’re not sure why anyone would want to waste a drop.

Pre+Probiotic daily mist
Brand: Marie Veronique
Price: $40

Bring balance back to the uppermost layer of your skin, the microbiome. That’s right, there’s one of those on your skin, too, not just in your guts. When we over exfoliate or cleanse or mask, we damage this delicate barrier that protects us from the elements and pollution, dirt and grime. Encourage its growth and maintenance with this gentle, protective, nurturing mist.

The Optimist
Brand: Maya Chia
Price: $58

With the profounding hydrating properties of an essence but the lightness and viscosity of a mist, sake, white tea, chia seed, astaxanthin, and licorice work together to nourish and protect. While boosting hydration, it also encourages your skin’s natural abilities to keep hydrating throughout the day, bringing about a supple, renewable dew.

Radiant Rosewater
Price: $75

Rose water is a simple classic, but this mist is far from simple. Incredibly soothing, antioxidant botanicals such as gotu kola and comfrey maintain clarity and suppleness, while sea minerals nourish and hydrate. Ideal for all skin types, this rosewater blows all other rosewaters out of the pond.