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TWIN FLAME VS. SOULMATE: What’s The Difference?

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate: What’s the Difference?
We hear the word “soulmate” a lot when it comes to relationships and love. But what about the concept of the “twin flame”? Is a soulmate more meaningful than a twin flame, or vice versa? Are they synonymous? We wanted to explore both of these concepts a little deeper so that we could break it down for ourselves — but also for our cherished readers who love to be in-tune with their deep connections.
Soulmates are certainly not limited to romantic partnerships — we can find many soulmates in loving friendships, too. Conjure a time in your life — a truly magical moment — when you met someone you connected with. Maybe the witty banter flowed flawlessly and freely. Maybe you locked eyes and saw a sparkle of understanding. Maybe you couldn’t stop laughing together, looking at one another, playfully touching each other’s arm, or maybe you simply felt like you’ve known each other forever.
We are ready to invest time with these people because it feels easy, good, warm, and wholly accepting. These kinds of connections are special, and they can feel incredibly rare. And defining this connection as a soulmate or twin flame may sound redundant to some: We might ask ourselves, “Who cares? We just met someone awesome, why label it?” But for those of us with a curiosity and a desire to understand exactly how these relationships work and what they could mean, keep reading.


A soulmate is someone who just really gets you on all levels — your sense of humor, aligned values, interests, and pet-peeves, activities, and hobbies. Being around them is easy and fun; nothing feels like it requires an explanation, nuances in jokes and playful moments remain intact, and we likely end up knowing these people for a long, long time — if not all of our lives.
A soulmate is a powerful bond, and it’s defined quite clearly as it’s named: a mate of the soul. Our souls just feel connected to each other — naturally and organically, without anything feeling forced. Our understanding of this feeling is that it is not finite: We are not limited to a single soulmate, nor are we tied to them forever if something pulls us apart from them. Instead, we can have several soulmates — many friends and lovers whom we experience a special soul connection with.

Twin Flames

Twin flames, however, can feel much more intense. We may experience the eerie sensation that we’ve met that person before upon meeting them for the first time — whether that is in another life, or a funny sense of deja vu. We feel an intense, magnetic attraction that supersedes our typical attraction “type.” We may lose our sense of time when we are with this person, as if we’ve created a whole new universe just for the two of us.
Unlike soulmates, twin flames don’t get along well simply because they have so much in common. That’s not to diminish a soulmate connection — it’s much deeper than just having interests in common — but our twin flame may actually be our opposite. Our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out, making for an excellent, if sometimes fiery, partnership.
We feel our twin flame knows us better than anyone in the world, without even trying. No amount of fighting, no matter the intensity, can keep us from forgiving our twin flame or being magnetically pulled back to them. Oftentimes, our soulmates feel warm and comfy, while our twin flames feel spiritual or even divine, as if another force besides love and luck drew you to one another. Sometimes this is evident in unique or special synchronicities, like a deeply coincidental meaning related to the time and date that you met.

They’re both special. So what’s the difference?

Both a soulmate and a twin flame connection are deep, and the noted variances above may feel vague — but the ultimate idea is that while your soul can have many mates, a twin flame is the meeting of your true match, or your other half. Theoretically, this means that we can only have one twin flame, and that is very rare; we don’t all experience this.
But this doesn’t mean that some lucky seekers get the best, most intense love stories while others do not. Some people might not experience this because they are living what they deem their Darma, and their soul actually doesn’t have a strong pull towards an “other half.” And the concept of only having one twin flame is up for debate, as is the idea of joining 2 halves to make a completely whole soul.
Soulmates offer a deep sense of familiarity, and often a beautiful, symbiotic, independent love. And while some may argue that a twin flame is a type of soulmate, our twin flame can be a much more fervent relationship because of its composition of one complete soul between two people. While no label can change the genuine and varying nuances that live within every relationship, twin flames have the propensity to be more volatile — and if the unconditional love is left unchecked, certain behaviors can be forgiven too frequently and get out of hand, leading the relationship to have toxic attributes. There are many intense love stories within film and books in which lovers with seemingly otherwise perfect bonds come to tragic ends.

A soulmate can help you become more of your authentic self, while a twin flame feels like a part of oneself already — yet both of these connections and relationships are extremely special and worthy of exploration if and when we get the chance.