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THESE DRINKS Are Crucial To Living Longer

These Drinks Are Crucial To Living Longer

If living as long (and maybe longer) than the Queen is at the top of your list, well then, this article is for you. And if it’s not, we don’t blame you. Thinking about our lifespans isn’t exactly at the top of our healthy habits to-do list every day. But the thing is, you’re probably already unknowingly doing some things in your life that are contributing to your longevity. (Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. You are a health guru.) And no, it’s not that PSL from Starbucks.

We’re talking about a few specific drinks that are probably already in your kitchen — or at the very least, they’re in every corner bodega and every main grocery store. Intrigued? We were, too. Because as it turns out, red wine, green tea, and coffee are the It Girls of the drink world when it comes to healthy living.

But before you go to Costco and stock up, there’s one caveat — moderation is key. Swapping out your daily water intake for wine, coffee, and tea is actually the yellow brick road to disaster, as high levels of caffeine and alcohol in the body can actually have negative effects. Instead, let’s eassseeee into it, and focus on moderation and a healthy balance — because that’s where the magic happens.

So exactly how are these drinks the key to living longer? The answer is fascinating — and exciting, considering how easy it is to get your hands on these drinks.

Red Wine

There’s a reason there was a song written about red wine. In fact, the lyrics — red, red wine, stay close to me — is something we deeply, unabashedly resonate with. And here’s why: Yes, it’s one of the most perfect drinks to unwind with after a long day, but red wine is also loaded with bioactive compounds that have been linked to longer life spans. One in particular, called resveratrol, is a standout in research, because it’s been tied to combating inflammation and improved heart health. But as much as we’d like to guzzle a glass (or four) down while watching the Bachelor, we’d also like to point out that research has centered around moderate wine drinking — that’s defined as just 1-2 glasses per day. Not bottles. Nevertheless, if we can extend our lives with something that feels good and does good? Well, pop those corks and consider this our new wellness plan — we’re all in.

Green Tea

As you know, green tea is always having a wellness moment. Always. In fact, it’s been having a wellness moment since 2737 BC. So it makes perfect sense that green tea makes the list in keeping us healthy for longer. Green tea contains both unfermented and unprocessed tea leaves that add longevity to our lives through reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

But why just green tea? Why is this particular tea a cut above the rest? It’s all in the polyphenols, which are macronutrients loaded with antioxidants (essentially the holy grail of wellbeing). And antioxidants slow down oxidation, which is a normal function that happens in the body that can damage cells, as well as ramp up protection against oxidative stress-related diseases, like heart disease and cancer. So, um, we’ll take all the tea at every meal, thanks.

If the thought of drinking plain green tea all day to stay alive longer and boost your well-being doesn’t do it for you — like the dating world in 2021 — you’ve got options. Lots of them. Because according to one study, the key is to drink  just 1-3 glasses a day for benefits — and matcha counts, and green tea with honey counts. So try swapping out your seltzers for a matcha latte, or adding in agave or honey, and then try using one of those IG filters that turns you into a senior citizen so you can see your future. It’s bright, trust us.


As if we didn’t love coffee enough, this gives us just one more reason to hold onto that morning mug. Frankly, the fact that coffee can keep us alive longer and is considered part of a healthy diet makes everything right in the world. And we can overlook the fact that coffee prices are going up and Starbucks still makes us use words like “tall” and “grande” when ordering because we’ll be living forever due to our aggressive coffee intake (which we will not apologize for, thank you).

One study found that people who drink two to three cups of coffee had a 12% lower risk of death (we’ll just phrase that as “living longer”). That’s because coffee beans contain tons of good-for-you minerals, vitamins, phyto-chemicals (aka compounds produced by plants that are said to protect cells from damage), and antioxidant rich compounds that protect against Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and more. Basically, coffee is a gold mine of goodness for your body, helping ward off diseases — and live longer.

It’s important to remember that we’re talking about coffee here, not some of the souped up versions you see at some coffee shops. Make sure to go light on the creamer and sugar and any other additives, or else you’ll be at the risk of mitigating all those benefits.

Does thriving and living in the prime of your life (let’s be honest, we all are) somehow push longevity to the back of our brain? Yes. But does drinking coffee, green tea, and red wine (!) seem like an effortless thing to do that also benefits our bodies? One hundred percent yes. So if you need us, we’ll be stocking up on all of the above, maybe adding health coaching to our resume, and practicing our “It’s been 84 years” speech, a la Rose from the Titanic.