NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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The Fitness Lover’s Gift Guide

The Fitness Lover’s Gift Guide

Your bouncy bff with the rock hard core and the early bedtime — you know her, you love her — have we got the goods for you… er, her. We’ve selected all the best workout gear for a DIY burn so she can perfect her mini home gym and serve you major inspo. Whether she’s eating, breathing, living fitness, or your accountability buddy, she’s sure to love these tools and gadgets.

Bala Bangles

These versatile little ankle and wrist weights are in a chic fit gal’s Workout Essentials 101 handbook. They are cute and stylish with a matte finish, and come in tons of different colors and low-weight options. They are perfect for the low-impact fitness fanatic, making simple mat pilates and yoga routines pack an extra toning punch.

Bala Weighted Bar Set

If dumbbells aren’t a cute home accessory, forget ‘em! These weighted bars are so simple and sleek, they’re more like weighted aesthetic objects than a home gym accessory. She won’t even need to put them away when guests come over. They’re that cute.

Adam Selman French Cut Leggings

The 80’s called — and they said they know exactly what will flatter any ass. These French cut-inspired leggings have strategic stitching to elongate the legs and perk up the booty. Your lucky bestie will be the chicest babe at barre.

Pilates Ring

Every workout fiend needs one of these simple hoops for intricate muscle toning of the inner and outer thighs, glutes, arms, and even the core. It’s super versatile and space-saving, and can slide under or behind a sofa for quick storage.


No reformer? No problem. With these 4 sliders, it’s easy to mimic so many of her favorite pilates moves she can typically only get in class. They take up almost no space, and will really crank up the intensity on simple movements to carve out muscle tone.


For that friend that always cranks up the intensity and then needs a day to recover, get her this undulating massager to help speed things up. She’ll be ready for action again in no time — and will have the mobility to still meet you for a drink later.

Yoga Wheel

If she’s all about upleveling her flexibility, this yoga wheel is the best thing for spinal stretching and getting more intimate with those super advanced poses. It helps curve and shape the spine for ultimate support, no spotter necessary.

Acupressure Mat Set

While we’d like to disclaim that this is not only for the ultra-active — anyone can benefit from the stress-relieving abilities of acupressure therapy — this mat is excellent for sore, tired, overworked muscles at the end of a day or a workout.

Yamuna Foot Wakers

These patented half moons are the perfect density to stretch, flex, massage, roll out, and warm up tired tootsies before hitting the mat or the cement. They are super important for the longevity of our feet, and a daily routine to care for our ol’ dogs is imperative — especially if we are extra tough on them.


This simple little wristlet gadget allows her to track all her stats and progress in real time.

Yogi Bare Mat

These ultra-light, packable, sturdy mats are as sleek as they are functional. She can easily take this on the road, keep it in her car, or use it for her at-home practice.

Rebounding Mini Trampoline

Rebounding isn’t just something we do after a tough breakup. It’s an excellent workout warmup, and helps get circulation and the lymph flowing to prevent swelling, increase energy and mobility, and detox.