NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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THE BEST Overnight Oats Recipe

The Best Overnight Oats Recipe

Have you ever made something in advance for yourself, or enjoyed some lovingly prepared leftovers, and thought: Wow, I really loved myself last night — and it shows. Well, pat yourself on the back — because preparing a nourishing meal for oneself (or others) is the ultimate act of self-love.

There’s also nothing better than waking up in the morning before a busy day and having a delicious, nutritious meal ready to go, without a bit of extra effort. Cue the overnight oats. They are so yummy, so creamy — and prepared this way, they will leave you more than satisfied.

There is a catch when it comes to overnight oats: Oats are a carb, so just consuming oats and fruit might make your blood sugar spike and crash, and have you shaky and hungry an hour or two later. It’s important to add fat and protein to make these carbs work their magic and stick to your ribs for some lasting energy.

For the base:

If you aren’t vegan, goat milk is a great dairy option with tons of protein and only a very small fraction of the lactose. If you’d prefer to go plant-based, coconut milk is the best choice. Don’t go for the weak, watered-down carton kind -- spring for that full-fat milk in a can. Light canned coconut milk works just as well!


1 cup milk of choice *see above!*

2 tablespoons of whole chia seeds

¼ cup oats

1 tablespoon tahini

1 tablespoon of maple syrup or low-glycemic coconut nectar

¼ cup blueberries or berry mix

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of cardamom

Optional toppings:

Coconut flakes

More berries

Hemp hearts

Another drizzle of sweetener of choice

The chia seeds in this recipe give the texture a creamy, tapioca pudding-like consistency, helping to hold everything together. They are rich in protein, which provides satiety — and the fat in the coconut milk, as well as the tahini, makes you feel full longer, too. Not to mention that tahini also contains protein! Cinnamon and cardamom are warming spices that aid in building that digestive fire known in Ayurveda as Agni.

Mix all ingredients together (except for the optional toppings), and evenly distribute the spices and vanilla. Make sure that the chia seeds are completely blended in and not all sinking to the bottom. Cover the bowl or container with a lid or reusable wax cover, and pop in the fridge overnight.

Berries are a great brain food and are low in sugar, while seeds, cacao nibs, or coconut flakes add some much needed crunch. Simply pull your oats out of the fridge, lay on as many toppings as you like, and voila! Delicious breakfast pudding to show yourself some love.