NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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SUEDE IS THE Most Stylish Thing In Your Closet

Suede Is the Most Stylish Thing in Your Closet
On the one hand, wearing sweatpants for almost a year has been glorious. On the other hand, it’s starting to feel a bit like Groundhog Day in the wardrobe department. And keeping your outfits fresh is … hard. But before you nod in agreement, let’s talk about suede. Just saying: Suede makes us feel sexy, and ready to be seen. Plus, suede adds a touch of cool to every outfit — and while it may have had its big moment in the 70s, we’re here for it now. So much so that we’ve made a list of the most stylish ways to wear suede — which means your wardrobe is about to thank you.

Suede Biker Jacket & Basics

This is the outfit your closet is missing. No, really. Not only is a suede jacket the perfect swap for your leather jacket, but it pairs well with basics because it adds both texture and depth. If you’re rocking the typical light or dark colored suede, go the ultra chic route and style it back to neutrals, OR say to hell with it and go bold: Pair a cobalt blue suede jacket with an equally electric-hued basic bottom to nail this season’s color block trend.

Suede Skirt & Graphic Tee

The best kind of pieces are the kind that turn into an instant outfit. We can’t explain it, but it just feels right. A suede skirt is exactly that — easy, sexy, and can be dressed up or pared down. Who are we to say no to this kind of wardrobe perfection? Channel some of your “of-course-I-always-look-this-amazing” energy, and pair a suede mini skirt with a graphic tee and flatform sandals for the weekend. Another favorite look of ours is to add a kitten heel (no pun intended) with asymmetrical cut-outs for a flirty and elevated “come-hither” nighttime vibe.

Suede Shoes & Your Everyday Uniform

Oh, suede shoes. How we love thee — and let us count the ways. There are so many varieties, and they all make a statement. No matter if you’re wearing a heel, boot, or sneaker, suede footwear just gives that extra “ooh-la-la.” We love these comfortable but chic slides that come in tobacco and black — both classic neutrals that go with everything. Try them with a linen suit for an en vogue, effortless feel. And for all of our sneakerheads out there, try these vintage retro suede trimmed Reebox’s with a sweatsuit or paired with your everyday uniform for an element of cool that can’t be topped. More of a homebody? We’ve got you: These suede slippers are a must-have, and turn your daily WFH look to a lewk. And if that doesn’t make you happy, we don’t know what will.

Who knew suede could be so seductive and stylish? Well, congrats — because now you’re in the know. Suede is the wardrobe spice to look and feel incredibly polished and put together that we never knew we needed. So go forth, be stylish, and tell all your friends.