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NEW ARTICLE! Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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ORAL FLORAL ESSENCES: What Are They And What Exactly Do They Do

Oral Floral Essences: What Are They and What Exactly Do They Do
Spring is all about growth and new blossomings. Whether those blossoms are simply metaphorical or actual blooming flowers, we are feeling the gentle, vibrant energy. And when it comes to floral essences, energy is where the healing comes from.
Floral-derived extractions can come in a variety of forms, including hydrosols and tinctures. Hydrosols are made by extracting the steam from floral distillation, which creates a refreshing and light skin mist using delicate extracts of the floral’s oils. Meanwhile, tinctures are herbal extractions using alcohol or glycerin to create potent plant medicine with direct, accumulative effects.
Not exactly a hydrosol and not quite a tincture, floral essences are an entity of their own. Floral essences are diluted extracts from flowers that are soaked in spring water, either boiled or exposed to the sun, and then preserved in alcohol. These flower remedies are meant to promote inner peace, emotional wellbeing, confidence, and love in our lives by working holistically with our energy and helping to balance our qi.
Flowers are a sensual part of the plant: They are fragrant, colorful and eye-catching, and soft and supple. They appeal to our senses of smell, sight, and touch, and they often evoke feelings of joy and gratitude for the beauty nature provides. And they are also the technical sexual organs of any plant, with complex systems in place for pollination and spreading their lineage. This energy is powerful when consumed and married with our own meridians of sensation.
Flower essences work as a relaxing, lubricating agent to free us from energetic stagnation — that feeling of being stuck, or simply just “meh” — and target our emotional wellbeing above all else. Many physical and intrapersonal facets of our lives are affected by our emotions: We hold emotions in our muscular tension, including our hips, shoulders, neck, and pelvic floor. And we hold ourselves back from success and joy by harboring emotions of fear, insecurity, and grief.
If you’re having trouble embracing your natural beauty, dealing with grief, unsure of your soul purpose, having issues with asserting your boundaries, or other emotional blocks, you may benefit from flower essences. The true power of these essences is not derived from biochemical reactions in the body, as is found with herbal tinctures; instead, flower essences are more delicate and nuanced when working with our subtle human energy field, and really, their work has to do with our emotional health.

Because flower essences work with our subtle energy field, there is little scientific research to back them, but thousands of years of practice helps ensure their legitimacy — plus, there are also no negative side effects. These little remedies typically come in a small dropper bottle, like a tincture, but the dosage is far smaller and more frequent. In most cases, we can add 4-5 drops to our water several times a day, but sometimes concentrations will direct us to put several drops directly under our tongue for sublingual absorption up to 4 x per day. Breathe deep, and allow the vibrational energetics to stimulate our body’s natural capacity for harmony and balance. Flowers are extremely vibrational, making them extremely potent — even if subtle.