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NO MAKEUP Makeup Secrets

No Makeup Makeup Secrets

Whether our favorite look is bronzed and glowing, contoured and glam, or just a touch of color, there’s no arguing that a natural look works for any and all occasions. Sometimes, we just want to leave the house looking effortless—youthful, dewy, even skin, and looking like we just woke up this fresh. Here’s what you need to know to master the look.


A natural look is a dewy one, and no makeup goes on seamlessly without a dewy base. Make sure to drink plenty of water and apply moisturizer and sunscreen as a soft, glowy palette for your fresh-faced look.

Spot Conceal

A full face of foundation won’t look natural, no matter how skilled we are with a blender sponge. To really let our skin show through, we need to be strategic with our concealer. Find one that matches exactly, skip the lighter shades we tend to use to brighten up under eyes. We will be using it under the eyes, but much more sparingly.

Dab the tiniest bit of concealer under your eyes and lower lashes, blending outward seamlessly. Do the same around your nose (at the diagonal base of the nostrils) and also blur out any redness around the corners of the mouth.

Cream products only

Skip powders—they only sit on top of the face, making it look flat and one-dimensional. Opt for a cream blush or bronzer, and apply on the apples of your cheeks. No need to contour out the cheekbones, it’s just not a part of this natural look. Instead, dab and blend on the high points and the top of the forehead near the hairline for a lit-from-within, sunkissed vibe.

Stealth line

Like eyeliner without really lining your eyes, this is a super sneaky, minimal step that is totally optional, but will make your eyes pop and your lash line appear fuller. Instead of lining the lashes, try dapping the liner between each lash, focusing on the water line. It adds depth, without an actual “line.”

Brush the brows

These may not be getting the full treatment today, but if you opt for no brow pencil, brush them up and hold them in place with either a clear brow gel, or a tinted one for a fuller, more filled in look that is youthful and supple, but a little undone.

Tinted lip balm

A kissable pout is a hydrated pout, and since we are going for a minimal look, a splash of color will do your look some good. Try a soft nude or pink, or even a deeper wash like a berry tone for a deeper hue that still looks natural. If color isn’t your thing, opt for a sheer lip balm with SPF. Lips are susceptible to sun damage and aging, too, don’t forget!