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MEDITATION TRICKS To Get You Out of Your Funk

Mediation Tricks to Get You Out of Your Funk
We spend most of our life chasing joy, and yet it’s impossible to be happy all of the time. In fact, without contrasting darkness, would happiness even feel joyful? But joy is dynamic: It can be peace, it can be rest, it can be a sense of wholeness. In modern society, we have deadlines, obligations, work, relationships, our health and hormones … and all of these elements can get in the way of feelings of calm or excited bliss.
If we don’t tend to our headspace, these factors can take a toll on our mood and overall mental wellbeing. Here at ÂMÉ, we believe that taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body — if not more so. For us, it goes without saying that exercising your mind is as necessary as getting a good full body workout.
Science has proven the amazing benefits of having a meditation practice. We know that with our busy schedules, it can feel hard to find the time. But the beautiful thing about meditation is that there are really no rules. And if you’re a beginner, we can attest that it’s actually better to start off with a short meditation session — even as quick as 2 minutes. We can all find 2 minutes in our week, right?
Meditation is a wonderful tool to learn more about yourself, calm your mind, rejuvenate, increase mood, and connect with your intuition. And, as a pleasant surprise, when all of these things are balanced, the benefits of meditation will also show up on your skin. Hello, #naturalglow!
If you are reading this piece, it’s probably because you are new to meditation or want some additional methods to help support your current practice. Either way, we want to share tips and techniques to begin your meditation journey with confidence.

Tip 1. Do your research

It’s totally normal to feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the idea of meditating. When you are first starting out, we recommend researching the different types of meditations to see which ones resonate with you. There are several schools of meditation, from guided meditation to transcendental, to mantras and loving-kindness — to name just a few.
Each is a different pathway to helping you connect with yourself on a deeper level, calm your mind, find self-compassion, and reduce stress and anxiety. And there are apps like Insight Timer, Headspace, and Simple Habit that offer amazing guides, tools, and teachers to try out and see what feels good for you. It’s a great idea to make playlists of meditations you vibe with so that the next time you’re in a funk, you can just tap and tune in.

Tip 2. Make meditation a regular practice

There is a reason why there are so many books on building habits for success. It simply works. A regular meditation practice that becomes a habit will help you connect to deeper parts of yourself, like your inner child and your darker recedes. Getting to know these parts of yourself — and befriending them — is extremely healing. And there’s nothing better than a good healing session during stressful periods. It will take some time, but accessing these places inside yourself becomes easier as you cultivate a mediation practice.

Tip 3. Meditate first thing in the morning

Starting your morning slow and calm is a great way to ease into your day. When we begin the day feeling rushed, we only create a sense of perceived stress, which can lead to a foggy mind, mistakes at work, and an inability to focus. A mindful moment in the morning is an opportunity for you to take care of yourself right from the moment you open your eyes. It’s a little investment on your mental wellbeing, and we like to think of this approach as creating a sense of self-awareness that continues the rest of your day.

Tip 4. Check in with yourself 

To be real, the true benefits of meditation come with time — but you can already begin to experience a shift after your first session. We recommend tuning into yourself first so that you choose the right meditation for you. Set an intention for how you want to feel after your meditation, and check in with yourself afterwards to see if you feel a change. It can be small, so dig deep, and be honest with yourself.

Tip 5. Be compassionate with yourself

Be gentle with yourself. Remember that you’re human, and will experience moments of distress, uncertainty, and a wandering mind. Being kind to yourself throughout it all is how you build self-love and become more resilient. Keep tabs on that wandering mind, and don’t think of it as a failure when it drifts into thought again. Instead, consider it a reminder to bring yourself back to your breath and your focus. A loving-kindness meditation is the perfect way to honor yourself and those around you. In short, share the love, and it will come right back.

Tip 6. Don’t forget olfactory sensations

As naturalists, we thrive when immersed in the scent of a natural essential oil. Lavender, orange, lemon, sage, and rosemary are some of our favorite scents to relax. We like to use a diffuser — or, if you are at work and need a short meditation break, rub the essential oil behind your earlobes, on your chest, or on your hands and inhale the smell right before your meditation.

Tip 7. Pick your vibe

We’re true music lovers here. It’s always optimal to have soothing sonic options in the background, like the sound of whales singing or ocean waves crashing. We particularly like these background noises for a before-bedtime meditation. Background music is also a great way to tune out any distracting sounds. If you can’t think of any songs, YouTube and Spotify are great places to find a variety of beats, sounds, and healing frequencies that will complement your mood. Remember: The music you listen to does have an impact on your mental health.

Tip 8. Let go

Our last pro tip is to release the pressure to be perfect at this. After all, we call it a practice for a reason! The ultimate point is to make time to attend to your needs. Mediation is a beautiful tool that can be there for you any time of the day, without fancy accessories — making it all the more accessible.

Sending you love and good vibes. Have fun meditating!