NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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IT'S TIME to Try Astral Sex

It’s Time to Try Astral Sex

It’s time to talk about mind-blowing sex. (Which we all want to have, right?) But we don’t mean mind-blowing in the most obvious sense. We’re actually talking about a type of sex that’s so erotic, you don’t even need to touch your partner during sex. Intrigued to know how that works?

Well, it all comes down to sex in the astral plane — that is, aligning with the astral plane of the body, which is just one of several planes of connected existence that includes the physical, causal, and etheric (which is spiritual). And while we function in all of these planes at once, most people are only conscious of the physical plane. Yet the astral plane — and astral sex, wink, wink — is a level beyond the physical. Think: dreams, spirits, and all the things that give you the ability to connect the physical with the mystical, all in an effort to connect with your partner in a deeply pleasurable and incredibly sexy act.

To have astral sex, you first need to know that it’s an out-of-body connection that happens during sex between two people practicing astral projection — which is an intentional out-of-body experience. Our bodies are made of simultaneously separate and connected planes, which are the layers that make us the beings that we are all the while allowing us to move through these different planes. One way to do that is astral projection, which involves traveling outside of your body to the astral plane.

So when it comes to astral sex, there’s a combination of an astral projection and sex. Sexy, right? And because the act requires being so closely connected to your own self in order to project outside of your body to meet your partner, it creates an even more intimate experience during sex. Really, it’s about the meeting of two souls — focusing less on the physicality of sex and more on the deep, meaningful, soul-centered, freeing connection and pleasure that sex can bring. (Now why don’t Disney movies focus on this?)

The one thing you need to prep for astral sex.

If hearing the word “prep” before “sex” makes you a little turned off, hear us out. Astral sex isn’t something you just dive in to headfirst — it’s something you ease into, like a hot bath. So to start, you have to be fully aligned and connected with your own self, body, and soul. (Which sounds soothing and calming, no?) To do that, you can put a few easy but impactful rituals into practice each day.
  1. Meditation: Is it just us, or does everything good in this world always lead us back to meditation? Even if you are able to meditate for just a few minutes a day, you’re creating and strengthening the mind-body connection, which is essential for astral sex. Don’t know where to start? Try pulse meditation with this video. We promise it’s the most calming video we’ve ever watched.
  2. Listen to healing frequencies: Healing frequencies that fall between 4-13hz can help you move to a deeply calm state of relaxation and can make it easier to ease into a meditative space and mind-body connection during sex.
  3. Write it all down: Getting in tune with yourself also means becoming emotionally in tune. Automatic writing — that is, writing whatever comes to mind — can help you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. Try asking yourself questions like, “What’s something I need to know today?” or “What am I hiding from myself?” and write without stopping for 2 minutes.

Here’s how to actually perform astral sex.

Once you feel that you’re in alignment with yourself, you’ll be in a better state to move on to astral sex. Yep, the grand prize. To do this, you’ll first need to astral project. According to clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones, you’ll start by lying down, relaxing, and closing your eyes. You don’t have to be touching, though you certainly can. Just remember that the physical part of sex is much less important during astral sex; instead, we’re focusing on becoming sexually aroused through connecting consciously.

Begin to move yourselves to a meditative state. Why is the meditative state so important? Because it allows you to astral project more easily during sex. In fact, Master Sri Akarshana, a leader in the world of Law of Attraction and Spirituality, said in an interview that in order to astral project you’ll need to have the right preparation and permission to travel. You’ll need to prepare yourself to “have the capacity to do so.” (If you’re having trouble, try using binaural beats, which studies have shown help ease the brain on its journey there.)

As you begin to settle into your mind, Dr. Steve G. Jones recommends trying to move an astral finger or hand (which is a mirror of your physical hand), and work your way up to moving other astral parts of your body. Do this until you can move your entire astral body out of your physical body, which may feel like a vibration sensation. Remember, this happens by thinking versus physically moving. This might take practice,( Sadhguru says “you can’t just psyche yourself into it.”) but eventually you should be able to see your physical body as you’re in your astral body.

Then, after both astral bodies leave the constraints of the physical body, they have the ability to meet in the astral plane, and experience nothing but a deep, intimate connection and an intense, blissful release. And that is astral sex.

So yes, it’s definitely not the missionary position — but it is a beautiful and spiritual way of connecting with your partner. Just remember that getting to this state takes lots of practice, so it’s likely you’ll need to try more than a few times to get there. But the payoff? It’s worth it.

Whether you’re looking for a more intense way to connect with your partner or simply want to try something new for incredible sex, astral sex is definitely worth a try. Not touching but still connecting deeply in another plane, while practicing safe sex? There’s nothing sexier than that.