NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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HOW Alcohol Affects Your Aura

How Alcohol Affects Your Aura

If you’ve read our story on how alcohol affects your sleep, you’ll understand why we aren’t big drinkers here. That’s not to say that none of us imbibe; we’re all about living a full, balanced life here at Amé, and enjoying life’s simple, classic pleasures. We just like to be aware of our bodies and our energy, and limit the casualties inflicted on our inner and outer wellness.

Alcohol is a poison, after all. Just because we tend to feel lethargic and sleepy — or even pass out from being a little, ehem, overserved — does not mean we are getting quality rest. In fact, it typically means quite the opposite.

To quickly recap, alcohol actually suppresses our ability to get deep, restorative REM sleep, which is the type of sleep responsible for glowing skin, reducing inflammation, cellular healing, immunity, healthy metabolism, maintaining brain health, and overall longevity. Yeah, it’s best not to mess with those regulators too often.

Over a delicious blue algae collagen iced matcha and a few laughs, our founder Jen enlightened us on some further troubles with alcohol. Jen doesn’t drink — in fact, she avoids it as much as possible. Of course, her skin and her restful sleep thank her for this decision, but for her, it’s much more than that. It affects our overall energetic disposition, and not always just for the night — or even the dreaded day after a few too many.

“What I’ve learned from my practice over the years is that energy changes matter, and vice versa.” Of course, Jen runs a multidisciplinary healing clinic, and this statement is basic chemistry. However, it’s more than just her medical practice — it’s her pranic studies at play, here.

“When it comes to alcohol consumption, we are looking at matter that is working to change our energies. Some changes or damages are reversible, while some can be permanent or take a very long time to heal. This is especially true about damage that can occur to our chakras, so don’t think just one energy healing session will cut it!”

When we think about how alcohol is used in medicine, skin care products, and alchemy, it is typically used to extract the most powerful essence from the matter in question. For starters, think about tinctures. Most tinctures are concentrated essences of herbs used for healing. Because it would take a lot of fresh herbs several times a day in order to reap the benefits found in a tincture, we celebrate this use. However, pranic studies suggest that alcohol leeches our essence in a similar way — and is much more destructive to the body.

We are all born with pure souls, and our experiences, decisions, and circumstances alter, change, and develop energy. Our bodies are vessels of this energy, and we are in charge of cultivating the energy, too. Through pranic practices, meditation, and spreading loving kindness to ourselves and others, we can nurture beautifully colorful, vital energy. In the same way, we can also create dark, unpleasant energy based on our choices and circumstances.

Alcohol helps to break down this energetic force field, so to speak. Many of us use alcohol as a little social lubricant — it lowers our inhibitions, making us feel more confident and carefree. Because of this, our energy becomes permeable, and we become more spiritually porous. Think of our bodies as vehicles for spiritual matter to come and go, if we let it. Alcohol removes our agency of letting certain energies in or out, so any spiritual entity can hop in and take our bodies for an energetic ride.

Have you ever had the night of your life after a night full of delicious wine or cocktails? You know, the kind surrounded by all of your favorite loved ones, filled with laughter and great food, dancing, joking, and waking up happy — save for the headache and dry mouth.

And then, in the pursuit of feeling that same joy again, you’ve had a terrible night of binge drinking — maybe you became sick, or fell down and hurt yourself. You got in a fight with a friend or a romantic partner, or made a terrible adulterous decision, only to wake up full of shame and nausea.

This is all of the same poison, no matter the spirit or mode of delivery: whiskey sour, margarita, too much rosé … It doesn’t really matter. Energy enters and takes over. Jen explains her theories based on her pranic studies with a few details:

“If you have been meditating and cleansing your energy and aura for years, you’re considered to be a being of light. That means that your aura carries a healing effect on things and people around you. As cool and amazing as that is, it’s also a very luscious and tempting energy for entities that are at a lower vibrational frequency to drain for their own feed.”

This might explain why highly sensitive people, or empaths, end up having emotional nights when they over-imbibe. It’s not necessarily a direct result of their tendency towards sensitivity, but of their enticing warmth and openness that leaves them vulnerable to infiltration.

“The scary part, according to one of my pranic healing masters, is that these entities are like energy vampires. They leech onto your auras and continue to feed on light energy that we emit, and in some cases they stay for years,” Jen explains.

“One of the methods of identifying if it’s there is by having the aura scanned by a pranic healing practitioner, or using an aura scanning machine, which takes a photograph of it. Another way I personally like to identify it is by looking for patterns. People with such aura mutations or chakra blockages have negative patterns, like deep-rooted fear, that affect their daily lives, and they find it very challenging to overcome.”

We don’t want to demonize all alcoholic drinks as evil spirits (pun-intended), and we certainly don’t want to scare anyone out of a happy hour, a drink on a date, or an open bar at a wedding if you’re not an actively recovering addict. All we want to instill is awareness, and perhaps inspire an overall reduction in alcohol consumption. Balance is beautiful — but no matter how you spin it, alcohol is not good for the body or the mind, and we are wary of its effects on our delicately balanced auras that we work so hard to maintain.