NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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FACIAL MASSAGE Technique For Plump Lips

Facial Massage Technique For Plump Lips
When it comes to a plump pout, we know things can get extreme. The trend seems to be the bigger the better, but here at Amé, we support embracing whatever makes you feel your best. If injections are your thing, power to you, baby. But large lips don’t have to be the baseline for beauty — there’s room for all pout sizes and shapes.
No matter what pucker the good Goddess gave ya, hydrated and healthy is the best look for every shape. The most radiant way to appear at our most plump and healthy is via good circulation, and the best way to achieve that is with massage.
We tend to lose our juice, so to speak, as we age. Our plump, pillowy qualities decrease as we lose volume from lowered collagen and elastin, so it’s crucial we start to train the area with a little manual lift to bring oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the surface of the skin. Oxygenated skin is healthy skin, and it will glow with youthful rejuvenation if we commit to the squeeze.
The skin on the face is different from the rest of the body, as are the tissues, muscles, and ligaments beneath, so a vigorous deep tissue won’t do this delicate skin any favors. Pressure is everything, so a light touch is key.
One thing to note is that like injectables, plumping from massage won’t last forever. tissue will lose pallor and stamina over time, but the key is that the cumulative nature of practicing this type of massage repeatedly will actually train the skin and tissues, keeping them toned as the years press on. Ah, cruel, cruel Father Time.
One of the culprits of a less-than-youthful pout is what is referred to as smoker’s lines, and one need not be a smoker to get them. Frequently drinking from straws, habitually pursing one’s lips, and other frequent, recurring movements.can all contribute to these pesky little age markers.
We can simply use just our hands for a plumping massage, but a tool like a gua sha is super helpful to stimulate the tissue as well. Pinch, rub, and smooth your way to majorly kissable lips in these steps.

1. First, prep your skin. Thoroughly cleanse, pat dry, and tone.

2. Apply your skincare as usual — start with your favorite serum, delicately apply your eye cream, and then lock it all in with a hydrating mist. We love a good rosewater or floral hydrosol here.

3. Apply your favorite face oil. This step is crucial, as a fast-absorbing day or night cream won’t give the slip we need in order to not tug and pull at the skin, breaking capillaries or causing redness and irritation. We want things to be slick and easy to glide a gua sha or our fingers across the skin.

4. For the massage, pinch both lips between your fingers, making a duck bill look. Start at the corner, and work your way out to the other corner, lightly pinching and pulling the lips out. Do this by grabbing the skin around the lips, not the lips themselves. Do this for 30-60 seconds, morning or night (both are even better.

5. Next, hold your hand horizontally, so that your fingers are parallel to your lips, perpendicular to your face. Part your index and middle fingers so that your lips are between them, and glide them across the mouth, repeating with the other hand on the other side. Do this back and forth motion, smoothing the skin around the mouth for 30-60 seconds.

6. If using a gua sha, make sure to hold the skin taut so as to not tug at the skin in this area. Using the smooth tip or a comb-sided edge of the stone, work in small, rapid motions back and forth on the skin around the lips, especially the area above the upper lift. This slight friction brings blood immediately to the surface, plumping and nourishing dull, tired skin and any emerging potential smoker’s lines. It will reveal a healthy plump.

Be sure to drink lots of water after any kind of self-massage. When we massage our muscles and tissues, we release built up lactic acid and any toxins or stagnant fluid stored or retained in the skin, and it’s important to flush it out to keep revealing that healthy glow. Kisses!