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NEW ARTICLE! Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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EVERY MONTH Is Earth Month For Truly Clean Beauty

Every Month is Earth Month for Truly Clean Beauty
When it comes to clean beauty, half the time it’s just a buzzword. Drugstore brands and large conglomerates that don’t give two s&^%s about the environment are hanging their hats on the sustainability trend — without making much change, if any, to their products or processes.
Beware of the color green, leaf graphics, stock-brown paper labels, the use of the word “organic,” and other advertising gimmicks that try to make you believe you’re making the most earth- or health-conscious choice. Truly clean beauty brands are extremely transparent about their packaging, their sourcing, and their footprint.
In honor of Earth Month, we rounded up some of our favorite, transparent, and clean beauty brands you can trust to be truly clean and green, at least to the very best of the industry’s ability. We live here — on this magical Earth — and think that we should be treating every day like Earth Day. And our choices can make a cumulative impact, so it’s time for us to choose wisely.


Not only is this ultra-safe, clean beauty line nourishing, light, and effective, but they have a firm grasp on what it means to be eco-conscious about packaging, too. They really advocate for this message when it comes to their materials, and use recycled aluminum, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper. They know it’s not all just about what they’re using at the beginning of a product’s life, but also at the end when the customer chooses to dispose of it. Everything — and we mean everything — about their products is easily recyclable, leaving no guess-work to us. Just rinse, toss in the recycle bin, and it’ll be reused.


This natural beauty line understands that skincare and makeup should go hand-in-hand, which is why all of their makeup products essentially double as skincare treatments. Obviously, this means all of the ingredients are clean, safe, non-toxic, nutrient-dense powerhouses. They source these ingredients from local suppliers, making sure their primary suppliers are vegan, cruelty free, and Fair Trade Certified. Plus, all of their packaging materials are 100% recyclable, meaning nothing gets lost in the process.


This stunning skincare line that couples traditional Chinese medicine with gorgeous topical daily treatments is rigorous about their sourcing. They get their bespoke seasonally-minded and high-vibe ingredients from responsible vendors and farmers all over our sweet Earth, and use organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Using the highest grade Chinese herbs as possible, their ingredients have gone through meticulous testing to make sure they are free of pesticides, sulphur, preservatives, and heavy metals. It’s safe to say their process is not only on the side of purity for our skin’s sake, but for the sake of precious planet resources as well.


Osea is dedicated to providing the most effective and pure ingredients for our skin — which is sometimes difficult to believe when a product smells so good (looking at you, anti-aging body balm!). There are no toxic chemicals, compounds, preservatives, or unnatural fragrances in any of their products. They use responsibly sourced bioavailable seaweed that is sustainably harvested and infused with cold-pressed essential oils.
Most notable, however, is that Osea became the first company to sign the Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products in 2002. An initiative from the Environmental Working Group, this further proves just how seriously Osea takes sustainability. The touchstone of the entire line, Osea also uses recyclable glass, zero eco-harming synthetics, and thoughtful shipping and fulfillment practices. Their mantra hits home for us: “Safe skincare should be good for you, but also for the planet.”


This cosmetic line is truly values-driven — as we should all be when thinking about protecting our home planet. Not only are all their ingredients incredibly clean — think green tea, broccoli seed, castor oil, aloe, turmeric, rose hip, shea butter, zinc for natural SPF, and more — but they are ethically and sustainably sourced. Their packaging is created with post-recycled plastics and is all recyclable, while their boxes are made with FSC Certified paper, ensuring their paper-based packaging comes from well-managed forests.
They also understand that synthetic doesn’t necessarily mean toxic. In fact, some synthetics are molecularly identical to natural ingredients, and can actually be moresustainable when traditional harvesting or sourcing options are not.


Created by an Australian native and formulated with 100% Australian native plant botanicals, this line checks all the sustainability boxes. It’s made from nature for nature’s sake, and the entire range is ethically produced and sourced, while also being cruelty free, recyclable, and biodegradable.