NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox
NEW ARTICLE! Clean 7’s Take on Weaving Ayurveda Into Your Detox

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6 SUPPLEMENTS And Herbs For Glowing Skin

6 Supplements and Herbs For Glowing Skin

We can slather our faces in just about any potion under the sun, but performing skin care with a total-body wellness approach is the way to achieve that genuine, lit-from-within look. Load up on skin-loving herbs and supplements to maintain your glow. Here are some of our favorites.


This golden powder is great applied topically, like a mask or spot treatment, as well as ingested for its superpowers. It’s known for its compound called curcumin, which is healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, and even anti-cancerous. Sip on a golden latte to wind down in the evenings, or add it to sauces and stews for an extra dose of anti-inflammatory power.

Vitamin C

This powerhouse antioxidant is also one of the vital building blocks of collagen. Vegans cannot consume animal collagen, but they can support their own collagen production with a healthy, daily dose of vitamin C. It brightens the skin, and protects against oxidative stress and sun damage. When taken regularly, one might even notice fine lines plump up and dark spots fade!

Black Currant Seed Oil

Not only is black currant seed oil antibacterial and anti-inflammatory — all of which helps with skin issues like breakouts, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis — but it also contains alpha and gamma-linolenic acid, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidin, flavonoids, vitamin C, and 2 nitrile-containing compounds, which are highly anti-oxidative.

Gotu Kola

This little miracle herb helps encourage collagen production, fade scars and reduce stretch marks, and increase antioxidant levels in newly-formed tissue. It strengthens cells, which helps them stay plump and firm for longer, making it an excellent addition to our anti-aging arsenal. It’s excellent for skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, as well as many others.


Studies show that supplementation with trace mineral zinc is effective in reducing acne in a large majority of participants. It’s also very beneficial for wound-healing, which includes pimples and cystic breakouts.

Fern Extract

Fern extract is incredibly interesting! Think of it like an ingestible sunscreen: Ferns contain polypodium leucotomos extract, which protects against sun damage and discoloration by inhibiting the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), including superoxide anion — both of which are induced by UV light. This doesn’t mean you should skip sunscreen, but think of fern extract as a little extra insurance.